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Successful weekend at CH Gorredijk

It was a great weekend for the team at Ian Smith Dressage! Four year old Ianthe De Jeu had her first start in the open class in the L2 level. In her test 11 she placed second and in test 12 she placed third! I'm always so happy riding this talented mare. At such a young age she offers so much! 

Dornkaart competed in the small tour (Prix St George & Inter I) and managed to win both classes also with the highest scores at the competition for the weekend. His test wasn't spectacular but the good bits were very good which made up for a few little mistakes here and there! All in all very happy with our four legged friends and our results this weekend!! 

Dornkaart in the Intermediate I 

Ianthe De Jeu warming up 

Podium finish 😜

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