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4yo's Kicking goals in 2017!

Proud of 4 year old girls Ianthe De Jeu and Isha De Jeu today! It was a funny but successful day at the Outdoor Warga in Leeuwarden! Placing second and third with Ianthe in and fifth with Isha (in her first ever competition) in the L2 class.

Both horses definitely need some more miles under their belt at L2 level but got through it successfully none-the-less and are only young. Isha's leg yields were great! much so that she managed to leg yield OUT OF THE ARENA 🙈😂 she definitely needs to learn the limits! ...but still we managed to bring home some ribbons 👍 🏆🍾 thanks to HiForm for the excellent condition of my horses and to owner and breeder Emmy De Jeu!